Buggy Capital of the World Sticker

Buggy Capital of the World Sticker

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In the late 1800’s, Columbus found itself in a unique position.With transportation costs down due to the extensive Civil War railroads open, a direct connection to the coal and iron of southeast Ohio, and centered among plenty of bovines, Columbus was situated to take advantage of a product which combined these factors…BUGGIES!  By 1875, Columbus was home to two major Buggy factories: The Iron Buggy Company, and its more successful counterpart, the Columbus Buggy Company. Both founded by Clinton Firestone and Oscar Peters, it was once claimed that one in six Buggies was manufactured right here in Columbus, Ohio. So be proud Columbus, you’re the Buggy Capital of the World.

This 4 inch wide sticker is printed on thick, durable vinyl, protecting your sticker from scratches, water and sunlight.

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