Schiller Park Sticker

Schiller Park Sticker

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Officially the “second” oldest park in Columbus, Schiller Park actually began as Stewart’s Grove. Owned by Frances Stewart, it was sold to the Deshler’s and Thurman’s in 1866. Bought by the City of Columbus in 1867, the park held festivities like the 1864 and ‘65 Ohio State Fair. After it was purchased, Columbus renamed it City Park until 1891 when a statue of Friedrich von Schiller was dedicated, effectively renaming it Schiller Park. For a brief stint during WWI, the park was renamed Washington Park. Thankfully, they changed it back. Now, as it always has, Schiller Park is like one big backyard for everyone living in the Old South End.

This 4 inch wide sticker is printed on thick, durable vinyl, protecting your sticker from scratches, water and sunlight.

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